Monday, January 21, 2013

AngelList Launches Valuations

Ever wondered what the going rate for seed stage valuations is?  AngelList just launched an fun tool that easily lets you browse the valuation distribution for seed stage only investments:


This is especially useful, since at the seed stage, company valuation is much more dependent on founder credentials (you!) than at later stages (traction/evidence takes precedence).

The first thing I did was take a look at how my background maps to valuations.  The big surprise was that the valuations in Cambridge were almost a million dollars lower than those in Silicon Valley – further stark evidence that valuations are relatively depressed outside the Valley (fundraising road trip anyone?).  My full list for BuildAFlock is as follows:

College - Harvard


Incubator - Startup Weekend


Employer - Microsoft


Quarter - Q4 2012 (most recent)


Location - Cambridge, MA


Market - Location Based Service




I’m not sure how much faith to put behind the statistical mean here, but I do like the fact that this at least provides a range.  And, if nothing else browsing the numbers while thinking about BuildAFlock as a $3.8M company is a ton of fun!  What’s your number?

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