Saturday, November 24, 2012

I-Lab Channel

After we launched BuildAFlock at Boston Startup Weekend I found myself with the enviable task of incorporating a large team from the outset of the company.  With 7 team members involved we need to build a robust founders agreement posthaste.  Sitting in the i-lab I stumbled upon the Harvard I Lab’s Youtube Channel.

So glad I did!  As a founder who has been to literally hundreds of ‘startup talks’ I was floored by the quality of content here.  My original issue was completely solved by this video by Dave Cappillo from Goodwin Proctor:

After being up for a couple weeks this video only has 86 views!  Seems shocking compared to some of the other garbage I’ve seen shared on reddit/digg/hackernews.  The only thing I could ask for is a transcript/deck/summary so I can skim, but the content was so good I ended up watching the whole 80 minutes (and taking notes).  Props to the I-Lab and partnering firms for getting such a great resource on the web and I fully expect the views to climb!

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